Making a list, and checking it twice..

blog post april 8



Yikes, it’s Friday!

I have checked my carefully crossed out list for the week- which I created with all my goals in mind- and help, I am no further along than last Friday!

What the heck happened? I didn’t goof off (OK- a little tiny little bit of binge watching on Netflix) and I really kept my eye on the prize this week!

You might ask- where is my shiny achievement trophy, my progress towards a successful new enterprise, my pithy blog entries?  Could a bit of procrastination have reared its’ ugly head? Why was this such a bad week to buckle down and achieve superstardom?

While I was keeping one eye on my list and the other on the internet, I stumbled on some fine insights into my stalled productivity.  I found a very inspiring TED talk by Adam Grant- an organizational psychology professor at Wharton,  about where new ideas come from.  His study of originals, folks he has found that drive creativity and change, shows that originals think differently than other members of the population. His hypothesis is that “ideas cook” while a certain amount of procrastination is going on and this can lead to a wider range of solid, well thought out ideas.

So obviously, I was just cooking in the creative genius kitchen this week! If you have had the same week- just watch Adam’s TED talk below for inspiration!



Here’s to a cup of brilliant ideas!